Informational Flyers

At public displays, the visitors always have a lot of questions about LEGO and LEGO trains! To give them something to take home, we always set aside a couple of square feet for a "literature area". We generally leave that corner bare of baseplates to help indicate that it's okay to touch in THIS ONE PLACE (see below for our Do Not Touch sign).

Currently, we give out:

An Introduction To LEGO Trains

When we set up a layout at a model railroad show, a frequent comment is "I didn't know LEGO made trains!" Well, they sure do. This flyer is a brief description of LEGO trains and the LEGO train hobby, written primarily for the model railroad fan. You are free to copy this as an event handout for your own club (here's a PDF). You are also welcome to use this Word text file to create a flyer with your own club logo and contact information. Please add a credit line "This flyer is based on one created by the Texas Brick Railroad (www.texasbrickrr.com)." Thank you! (If you do this, it would be kind of you to send us a copy. Send it to TBRR, c/o Steve Jackson, PO Box 18957, Austin, TX 78760.) Suggestions to improve this bit of outreach are very welcome!


Railbricks Ad

In support of Railbricks (www.railbricks.com), we hand out this ad flyer. Here's a PDF that will print two copies on one page. (Warning: 5MB file)

LEGO Store Calendars

Your local LEGO store will probably be happy to give you a box of calendars to give away. Support your local store! (It's always surprising how many people don't know about the LEGO stores, and are excited to find out about them.)

'Do Not Touch' Sign

Poor minifigs! Pursued by giants! How cruel. (Photo by Tony Sava)