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Upcoming Events:

October 26, 2019
Texas City Train Show
Texas City, TX

A little show, but they love us and we love them. Contact Tony for details.


October 26-27, 2019

We have been officially invited. We'll be on the floor this time, rather than the stage. We have an 18' x 24' space! Setup always starts about noon the day before. Contact Steve for more info. We have a half-dozen AFOLs already signed up to display, but with a space like this, we can use more!

July 23-26, 2020
Sugar Land , TX (near Houston)

We are al looking forward already to this show - we've been promised a large space and we are talking about how best to use it to delight the audience!

August 14-16, 2020
Killeen Lego Show
Killeen, TX

I don't know what the real name of this show will be, but it is definitely a thing, and we and our trains are invited. It is sponsored by the City of Killeen and will have 17,000 square feet for Lego! It will be free to the public. There will also be cash compensation to TexLUG Austin, the hosting club, and the possibility of free or at least discounted lodging for exhibitors. Kudos to Deanna Frazee for putting it together. Talk to her, or read the TexLUG-Austin Google group, for further info.