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Upcoming Events:

August 28-29, 2021

For 2021, the Austin Area Train Show moves to the Palmer Event Center in Austin proper. They will have a LOT of room there, making this an event worth waiting for . . . Our space will be a 24 x 21 island. There will be room to use the stanchions if we decide to do so.

The hours are typical for a train show: 10 to 6 on Saturday, 10 to 4 on Sunday.

Setup is noon to 9 on Friday and 8 to 10 on Saturday. Teardown is 4 to 7 on Sunday. There is a drive-up loading dock, but vehicles are not allowed on the ramp . . . we can walk up, or push a cart. There is a good amount of free parking for exhibitors, and huge amounts of paid parking if you are slow to take advantage of the free spaces.

Contact Steve Jackson if you want to display - or if you want to participate without displaying, for that matter!


September 18-19, 2021
Killeen, TX

NOTE the date change to September!

We and our trains are invited. It will be held in the Killeen Civic & Conference Center. It is sponsored by the City of Killeen and will have at least 10,000 square feet for Lego! It will be free to the public. There will also be cash compensation to TexLUG Austin, the hosting club, and the possibility of free or at least discounted lodging for exhibitors. Kudos to Deanna Frazee for putting it together. Read the web page, talk to Deanna, or read the TexLUG-Austin Google group for further info.

Setup will start Friday at 9am. Show hours are 10-6 Saturday, 10-4 Sunday.

October 23, 2021

A one-day event - setup Friday, show Saturday only. Please support it if you can! Tony Sava is the contact.


August 11-14, 2022
St. Louis, MO

NMRA has announced the dates for its 2022 National Train Show. The NMRA convention is August 7-15, 2022. These dates are for the full convention.  LEGO display days will most likely be limited to August 11-14.

Our last National Train Show was in Atlanta. We had a good time!

Gareth hopes to have his bus ready by 2022 . . .